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Our Family Loving Your Family 

Let Our Family Serve Your Family!

Our mobile dog grooming salon trailers were custom made by a husband and wife team with almost 100 years of combined experience in dog grooming. In fact, they were pioneers in the field of mobile dog grooming in the 1970's and have been a grooming family ever since. They draw on and utilize that extensive experience and knowledge in building high quality mobile dog grooming salons that are safe, highly functional, comfortable, spacious, easy to keep clean and sanitary and user-friendly for both us and your pups! Also, our mobile salons are fully self-sufficient with water and power and do not need hook ups.

Hanging Out, Taking a Rest with Door-to-Door

Truly, We Treat Your Dogs Like Family!

We Treat Your Dogs Like Family!

The Best Dog Grooming in the Puyallup Area, Richland & Tri-Cities

We Treat Your Dogs Like Family - Mobile, Better, Trusted!

​Welcome to Door-to-Door Dog Grooming: Mobile Dog Grooming at

Its Best!​​ We Don't Just Groom Dogs - We Treat Them Like Family & Help To Improve Their Quality Of Life. Great Grooming, True Care & Service

​Our focus is to do things differently, better, more sensitively and personally than the "grooming mills" that unfortunately make up most of this industry. Try us and you will quickly see how truly unique and special we are.

We Provide At-Your-Home Curbside Mobile Dog Grooming Salon Services in the Puyallup & South Hill Area, Richland & the Tri-Cities & the Surrounding Areas.

​We do not "stack appointments" and kennel dogs to wait for openings. We schedule our appointments in such a way that dogs do not have to stayed locked in cramped spaces waiting for their turn.

​Also, we do not use standardized pricing, but instead provide personalized quotes for each dog in an effort to be fair to us and also economical to our customers.

We are a family business and family is very, very important to us. We appreciate that your dog is a member of your family and our goal and commitment is to show our appreciation of that relationship by treating your dog as a member of our family during the grooming process - from beginning to end. We invest a lot of focus, creativity and effort making our ways very different from the others. In that connection, we truly live and work our philosophy with each and every dog and customer: "We Don't Just Groom Dogs - We Help To Improve Their Quality Of Life!"  Thank You! ​​

We are Family Owned!

Our Newest Addition - A Brand New 2023 Custom Mobile Grooming Salon Van

We are not a business first. We are a family who loves and serves first. We believe in putting others before ourselves. We desire to serve you and care for your furry family members in a way that is true, of excellent quality, and that reflects our sincerity and commitment in that regard. 

Our Custom Mobile Dog Grooming Salons