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Its Best!​​  "We Don't Just Groom Dogs - We Help to Improve Their Quality of Life"

​Our focus is to do things differently, better, more sensitively and personally than the "grooming mills" that unfortunately make up most of this industry. Try us and you will quickly see how truly unique and special we are.

We provide at-your-home curbside mobile dog grooming salon services and in-home grooming services. 

​We do not "stack appointments" and kennel dogs to wait for openings. We schedule our appointments in such a way that dogs do not have to stayed locked in cramped spaces waiting for their turn.

​Also, we do not use standardized pricing, but instead provide personalized quotes for each dog in an effort to be fair to us and also economical to our customers.

We are a family business and family is very, very important to us. We appreciate that your dog is a member of your family and our goal and commitment is to show our appreciation of that relationship by treating your dog as a member of our family during the grooming process - from beginning to end. We invest a lot of focus, creativity and effort making our ways very different from the others. In that connection, we truly live and work our philosophy with each and every dog and customer: "We Don't Just Groom Dogs - We Help To Improve Their Quality Of Life!" 

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The Door-to-Door Dog Grooming Family

Products & Consulting Services

Other examples of our different approach are our free dog quality of life updates and our consulting, planning and implementation recommendation services for dogs and their lifestyles. We provide our customers with all kinds of important and useful information about their dogs, including product reviews and recommendations, and helpful guidance and services to help their dogs be their best and most healthy and happy. We also only recommend and offer for sale products that we have carefully and thoroughly researched, become familiar with, and trust. Contact us if you are interested in our consulting/life planning services or in need of products or recommendations. 

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Truly, We Treat Your Dogs Like Family!

We Treat Your Dogs Like Family - Mobile, Better, Cheaper, Trusted!

We are Family Owned!

Lead Groomer, Founder & Owner Josie

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The Best Dog Grooming in Tacoma, Puyallup, Auburn & Beyond - Mobile, Great Prices, Beautiful Grooms - We Treat Your Dogs Like Family!

Our New Friend Sophie Before & After Her Mobile Grooming Salon Appointment. This was her first appointment with us, and she had never been groomed before. A beautiful Great Pyrenees she is!